Production Rules


We want to keep these rules as simple as possible to allow the most artistic freedom to each production, but we also want to ensure that all associated productions are in keeping with the goals of the project, are nonprofit in nature, and follow all legal requirements when using copyrighted material.


All productions should present themselves as a production open to all and being produced with the goal of promoting understanding by exploring the ways in which people handle political and social conflict. There is more information about the mission and goals of the IEn8 Project on our Call for Productions page.


While it is perfectly okay to charge admission to help cover the costs of the production, all productions should be nonprofit projects. Ideally, we hope that you will donate any profits to organizations that are working to promote free and fair elections, a strong and representative democracy, and/or science-based environmental protections.


Each production is responsible for acquiring all appropriate rights from copyright holders for any copyrighted material used in their production including, but not limited to, scripts, recorded music, imagery, etc.

Each production is responsible for obtaining appropriate agreements from cast and crew for the performance and any recordings of that performance that are made and distributed.


Each production is wholly responsible for all aspects of the production including all costs associated with the production, with no expectation of monetary support from IEn8. Our support will be limited to providing a listing of the production on the IEn8 website and access to production resources available on the website.


By completing a registration form and requesting to have your production listed as an Ibsen-Enemy-nov8 production, you agree to abide by the rules listed above.

You have our heartfelt thanks for joining us in this effort and respecting the parameters of the project.