Production Resources

This page includes resources for those who are considering or planning to participate in the project, either by mounting their own productions, participating in a production, or supporting one. We plan to keep adding new resources as we find them, so check back here or subscribe to our news blog to get updates
as they are added. You’ll find information about the mission and goals of the IEn8 Project on our Call for Productions page.


1A Podcast – July 27, 2017
How To Keep Friends And Influence Yourself w/David Leonhardt

New York Times Theater Section – Ben Brantley, Jesse Green & Alexis Soloski – Aug. 16, 2017
Hard Truths or Easy Targets? Confronting the Summer of Trump Onstage


Trump Speech to Conservative Political Action Conference on February 24, 2017


Project Gutenberg’s Etext
Original Play Tanslated by R Farquharson Sharp




The citizens of a small economically depressed town have invested their hopes for economic recovery in the healthy waters of a new spa resort that is just seeing it’s first visitors. Dr. Tom Stockman, the health director of the spa, discovers that these supposedly healthy waters are actually dangerously polluted due to mismanagement during construction of the spa. He tries to make this information public so that the problem can be addressed, thinking that he will be saving his town from disaster. His brother, the mayor of the town and chairman of the board for the spa, tries stop him, saying that publishing the truth will actually ruin the town, making the doctor “an enemy of the people.” The other citizens of the town – newspaper editors, small business owners, workers and homeowners – struggle to decide which side to support. What is right? What is best for the common good? What serves their own interests? The resulting battle for the hearts and minds of the people of the town reveals an ideological divide greater than the one about the spa’s polluted waters. It also forces Dr. Stockman to make a stark choice between telling the truth or suffering devastating financial consequences for himself and his family.