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If you’re thinking about joining us and having an IEn8 production but have questions or need more information, please check out the Call for Productions page and the  Production Resources page or contact us at

If you think what we’re doing is cool and want to help in other ways, we’d love to hear from you too!


If you’re ready join us and launch your own production associated with our project , please fill in ALL the information below. We realize that it may take some time to get all the details together to fill out this form, so if you’re not 100% sure of some of the details, fill TBA (to be announced) in any fields that aren’t locked in so we can get you on the list of performances as soon as possible. Thanks! We will review your registration once we receive it and will contact you directly before your production is listed on the website. All organizers are required to agree to and abide by the IEn8 Production Rules. Please read before agreeing.


The following required information will be included in the listing for your production on the IEN8 website and may be shared on other IEN8 social media online and therefore will be available to the public worldwide.

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List of organizations who will receive a portion of the proceeds (required):

Production Information (any info that you would like to be included in your listing: cast
members, which adaptation you will be performing, other supporting organizations or
sponsors, who will be leading the discussion afterwards, etc.) (required):


The following required information will be used for internal organization purposes only and will not be shared publicly online or with any other organizations or entities.

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I have read and agree to the Ibsen-Enemy-Nov8 Production Rules and promise to abide by these rules.


If you have resources related to this project that you would like to share with other participants, we would love to add them to our IEN8 Production Resources Page. These can be websites, essays, translations, adaptations, relevant news articles, historical information, scientific research, production ideas, and anything else you think others might find helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Links to Resources:

If you have resources in a file or files that you would like to upload, please select and upload them here: